My New Year's resolution is to take one photo every day for the entire year....this my blog to track all of the progress.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 85

85, originally uploaded by RobynKilp.

Ryan is quietly letting me know what he thinks of having his photo taken :)
Sorry, this one was far too funny not to share!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 84


I realize this isn't a "good" photo by any means but we saw a beautiful example of a typical Washington Spring day today while driving and I had to capture it.

We've got crazy black clouds on the right & top, near blue sky on the left and right in the middle an INSANE downpour (which we drove through, YIKES) and a beautiful rainbow. This pretty much sums up the Spring.

Day 83


Ryan loves to be upside down -- if only you could hear his giggles through the photo.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 82

82, originally uploaded by RobynKilp.

Audrey's new skirt, hopefully I have time to take some Spring photos in this one or the pink one I bought her.

Day 81

81, originally uploaded by RobynKilp.

King of the jungle!

Day 80

76, originally uploaded by RobynKilp.

Giggling with Daddy before bedtime.

Day 79

79a, originally uploaded by RobynKilp.

Ryan is teething -- gotta love this face :)

Day 78

78, originally uploaded by RobynKilp.

The babies are obsessed with books, and even more with Daddy reading to them. Here they are reading "Goodnight Moon" which is one of Ryan's favorites.

Day 77

77, originally uploaded by RobynKilp.

Day 76

76, originally uploaded by RobynKilp.

What a lovely car -- in the handicapped spot at work.

Day 75

75, originally uploaded by RobynKilp.

Day 74

74, originally uploaded by RobynKilp.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 73


Day 72


Day 71


A baby gator on my swamp tour in New Orleans -- FUN!

Day 70


Day 69


Day 68


I swear I don't have a thing for flowers -- okay I love the beauty of fresh new flowers in spring, but also I love that they don't move except maybe a little wind and it's nice to get out of the house/office and take photos of something besides the kids.

Day 67


Day 66


Sick of flowers yet?

Day 65


I warned you in the previous post -- Audrey LOVES hats, even the ugly ones :)

Day 64


Each baby really does need their own blog. Ryan needs "The Many Faces of Ryan" and Audrey needs "Today's Favorite Hat".

Day 63


Day 62


A bridge for trains near Gold Bar, WA.

Day 61


Little miss is obsessed with climbing on the furniture, she's really NOT as innocent as she appears here.

Day 60


Yes, more spring flowers -- I only wish you could smell them through this photo.

Day 59


I really can't get enough of the spring flowers.

Day 58


Audrey and her bunny from Meme - the bunny is named Bun Bun and Audrey MUST have this bunny with her at night to sleep.

Day 57


The babies love boxes from Costco -- this organic apples one was their favorite today.

Day 56


Day 55